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Teen pregnancy in the united States

Relate it to the aggregrate (inner city public school system)

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In the 80s I was a Teen Educator in urban Detroit, Central (African American) and Southwest (Hispanic). I spoke to teens, preteens and parents about self-esteem, goal setting and sexually transmitted diseases for a pregnancy prevention program. Talk after talk I wondered what good I could possibly be doing. Well, twenty years later, a study came out to say that very time was the peak of the teen pregnancy problem. From then, the prevalence declined.

I spoke in schools, rec centers, homeless shelters and where ever teen and families were. I was required to do a 'windshield survey,' when I first started the job and that gleaned interesting results. There seemed to be a party store and church on every block. There were bad neighborhoods, with drug dealers around the area, in abandoned homes. Many homes were boarded up. Just as the rural places I have worked, generally speaking, the teens had a limit on resources and avocation opportunities.

The problem with ...

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Inner City public school system and related issues involving teen pregnancy are discussed.