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Re-Engineering a Business and Gathering Information

Can you please advise me on where I can find additional information on the following subjects

1. information-gathering techniques and

2. Business Process Re-engineering

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1. Information-gathering techniques used in the project

Project Management is all about managing your tasks and goals with the optimum use of available resources within a finite frame of time. To achieve that, one would need the proper coordination of all possible inputs required to carry out the task successfully. It touches upon every possible area one an think of ranging from software development to missile launch to the latest space program to the smooth functioning of your daughter's wedding to ensuring that your house is leak proofed before the monsoon.
There are many information gathering techniques which a manager can use:

Information gathering from Primary sources

Primary sources are usually original "records" which were created at the time an "historical event" ? any phenomenon or procedure which has taken place (or is still taking place) in a particular time and place ? occurred. They may be described as the "raw material" or "firsthand information" or "original thinking" relevant to an event. They include relevant records of the event, for example letters, photographs, diaries, or speeches, interviews, recordings, paintings, or even computer software, e-mail correspondence and web pages. Examples of primary sources include:

* Personal papers
* Letters (both personal and business)
* Diaries and journals (both personal and business)
* Photographs & paintings, sketches, original maps, ...

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