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Compare and contrast restructuring and re-engineering

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Compare and contrast restructuring and reengineering and explain why it is important for strategic management. minimum 200 words with references included.

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The response addresses the query is posted in 343 words with APA referencing

//Restructuring and Re-engineering describes the same phenomenon of changes in the business conduct. The firms, which are ready and able to realize the changes actively with the process of restructuring and re-engineering, can be successful in the present world. In this context, the comparison and difference of restructuring and re-engineering are explained with its importance in the strategic management.//

Re-engineering basically means rethinking, changing or redesigning the process of doing things in a business whereas restructuring takes place when new positions are created in ...

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The expert compares and constructs restructuring and re-engineering. It explains the importance for strategic management. The response addresses the query is posted in 343 words with APA referencing.