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    Is reengineering just another fad or does it offer something of lasting value?

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    Is reengineering just another management fad or does it offer something of lasting value? Describe specific situations in which you would or would not recommend reengineering as a potential strategy. Be sure to support your answer and include any references.

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    Using information technology to improve performance and cut costs. Its main premise, as popularized by the book "Reengineering the Corporation" by Michael Hammer and James Champy, is to examine the goals of an organization and to redesign work and business processes from the ground up rather than simply automate existing tasks and functions.

    Where restructuring fails, reengineering offers at least the hope, if not always the reality, of getting better as well as getting leaner. Yet in many companies, reengineering is more about catching up than getting out in front. While managers in the US, in the 1980s, thought that quality would be the main source of competitive advantage in the next millennium, Japanese managers had a primary goal of creating new businesses and products. According to Japanese managers, quality would just be the necessity of market entry, but not a differentiator. Downsizing attempts to correct the mistakes of the past, not to create the markets of the future. Recognizing that restructuring is a dead end, smart companies move to reengineering.

    Where there is competition there should be reengineering
    According to the authors, reengineering is driven by open markets and competition. No longer can we enjoy the protection of our own country's borders as we could in the past. Today, in a global economy, worldwide customers are more sophisticated and demanding.

    Where there is need for less management ...

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