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    Strategic Management and Reengineering

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    Is reengineering just another management fad or does it offer something of lasting value? Describe specific situations in which you would or would not recommend reengineering as a potential strategy. Be sure to support your answer.

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    What is reengineering and is it another management buzzword?

    What is reengineering?

    Since the 1980s, companies have been pursuing the quality and productivity journey through such activities quality control circles, 5S, 'Kaizen' practices, and the like. These are pursued under the umbrella of Top Quality Management (TQM) or its equivalent hybrids. These TQM activities and practices have served to advance organizational excellence in many companies. There are many other companies who are embarking on the same journey with the hope of achieving managerial excellence and the elusive competitive advantage. Then, in the early 1990 the concept of business process reengineering (BPR) or, in short, reengineering was introduced. It was a new management fad, bandied about by some consultants and managers, but it was not really taken seriously as an important management tool. However, it is not just another management buzzword but rather organizations can phase-in the practices of quality, reengineering and business transformation in their quest towards organization excellence and business competitiveness.

    Reengineering began ...

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    This solution discusses the following statement: "Is reengineering just another management fad or does it offer something of lasting value?" It also includes specific situations where reengineering might be recommended as a potential strategy. Supplemented with one supporting article.