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Implementing Lean in Manufacturing

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A manufacturer of radios is experiencing poor quality and delivery performance. The factory assembly line has adequate capacity to satisfy customer requirements. The equipment used in the assembly process is new and in good condition. Select at least three elements of lean manufacturing which may improve both quality and delivery performance for the company. In each case explain why they might improve both quality and delivery performance.
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Lean management emphasizes making a task simpler and easier to perform, re-engineering processes to accommodate the physical demands on team members, increasing the speed and efficiency of the work process, maintaining a safe work environment, and constantly improving the product quality with the partnership with the supplier. We will use Reengineering, JIT and value chain analysis to improve the performance of Radio manufacturer

Lean management has got elements like frequent and reliable delivery with strict quality control. Near location with the suppliers to avoid delay and to improve the coordination with the suppliers. Using latest telecommunication with the suppliers to have real time information and to apprise of the production schedule and the delivery schedule amongst themselves. JIT means raw material moves to a production operation, is processed immediately, and moves immediately to the next operation. It is one of the elements of the lean management.

Let us discuss the JIT in detail:
JIT is a collection of techniques used to improve operations. It can also be a new production system that is used to produce goods or services. According to Wikipedia, Just in Time (JIT) is an inventory strategy implemented to improve the return on investment of a business by reducing ...

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