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Implementation of Lean Manufacturing

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Controlling represents a very important function of management. Necessary at all levels and all aspects of the organization, controls should be applied to organizational design, planning, employee performance, etc., among many other functions. Different types of controls are applied at various levels of the organization including corporate office, divisions within the company, and at the facility and department level as well.

Lack of control can lead to costly delays, financial losses, and have other undesired consequences.

GM is a well known car manufacturer that has been on quite a roller coaster ride the last several years due to the economy. However, in order to compete in today's market, all automobile manufacturers must maintain excellence in quality and utilize management control techniques and technologies.

Write a 2-3 page essay describing the implementation of lean manufacturing at the Lansing Grand River Assembly (LGRA) plant.

To what extend does lean manufacturing help GM to control production to meet customer needs, and how does this help to make GM competitive?

Do you think the implementation of Lean provides a good example of the 'control' aspect of management?

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This 671 word response provides 3 quality references to tie the material together. It covers lean manufacturing and its implementation. General Motors is used to bring the concepts to life, and successes and examples are prominent throughout the solution.

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Controlling: GM LGRA Plant
In order to understand the how Lean Manufacturing helps General Motors control cost in multiple areas of its operation, it is important to understand what Lean Manufacturing brings to the table. Lean Manufacturing was first introduced to the United States by Japanese manufacturer Toyota (Rosen, 2011). The process, according to analysts, can enable managers to reduce redundancy, increase output and save capital, this allows companies to hire more workers (Rosen, 2011). General Motors has implemented this system in years past, one instance of implementation includes a Saturn Plant. During the time of implementation estimates point to significant improvements in development, and savings in both waste and finance (Case studies and best practices, 2011). In fact, it is estimated that Lean Manufacturing eliminated 258 tons of solid waste per year of implementation, and eliminated seven tons of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions per year (Case studies and best practices, 2011).
How Lean Helps Control
Lean techniques use a Just in Time (JIT) system to help control cost and waste in the manufacturing ...

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