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Lean Manufacturing Research Problem

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My research paper is about my research question "What are the benefits to implementing lean processes in manufacturing?"
I need help with:
a) Write a background. This is the overview of the applied business problem for which your research will address, it sets the stage for your study/proposal - this should explore the topic and existing material published that surrounds the topic.
b) Write a business problem statement, this should clearly establish the need for your paper - it mostly mentions what gaps currently exist in knowledge.
c) Write a purpose statement. It talks about the purpose of your paper, why is your research needed. This is a mini story of general no more than 250 words.

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Lean manufacturing is application of scientific techniques which improves a process by minimizing non-value adding activities. This research revolves around implementation of lean principles in an automotive component manufacturing company, XYZ Steering Limited, which provides steering wheels to all major automotive companies. Some of the major customers include Chevrolet, Ford, and GM. Off late the company was facing problems in meeting demand from its automotive customers as a result of which their orders for vehicles were getting delayed. Another problem was that of poor quality. XYZ had started receiving complaints on poor quality of outer covering of steering which came out within a month in a new vehicle.

According to the company one of the main problems in their production process is internal available storage space for components. The lead times for these components were long and stocks were low. As per company's engineers, the problem was due to the insufficient storage space for holding these components in the assembly workspaces. The number of components which were available at the assembly did not cover the daily consumption. As a result operators walked out of their workplaces to replace the material. Such frequent lack of stock necessitated rushed orders with suppliers. However, ...

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Background and problem statement to a manufacturing setup requiring implementation of lean principles

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For this portfolio assignment, you will need to research a company of your choosing that produces and sells products of some sort. This can be either a company you work for or a corporation where you are able to interview an employee in supply management or conduct research and gain specific supply chain information. You will address each of the following topics as they relate to your company. The portfolio should be in the form of an APA formatted essay.

Make sure to use research to back up your statements within the paper. You will need to address each of the following as they relate to your company. Each question is worth equal value.

a. History and background of the organization, also including the types of products and product lines manufactured and industry in which the organization operates.
b. An overview of the organization's supply chain management efforts, including the organizational issues involved with the supply chain such as the organizational structure, the placement of supply chain management within that structure, and supply management's relationship with other departments in the organization.
c. An overview of the new product development process within the organization, including the supply management's role in that development, the process involved in how the current products are reviewed for either further production or removal from production, and how the organization manages for quality in products.
d. An analysis of how the organization purchases capital equipment and services needed. This should include how the company makes the choice as to when to purchase the equipment and services as well as the process involved in the actual procurement.
e. An analysis of how and when the organization determines whether to outsource or make a product in house, how and where the organization finds its suppliers, and whether or not the organization looks at the international arena for purchasing.
f. Explain how the organization deals with contract issues, including legal issues, resolving contract disputes, and international contracts.
g. Analyze the production and inventory control measures within the organization, including scheduling, demand systems, inventory functions and analysis.
h. Analyze the relationship between supply, demand, and logistics in terms of the organization.
i. Draw your own conclusions regarding the quality level of the organization's overall supply chain management functions and include what you see as the strengths and weaknesses in the system.

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