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    Lean Production Systems

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    Explain what a lean production system is, how it will function, and discuss the importance of a company having a lean production strategy. Identify the key elements of a lean production strategy, and discuss why each is an important ingredient to a lean production strategy. Provide an example of at least one company that has used lean production as a competitive advantage. Describe how the integration of lean production strategy could assist a company.

    Explain what a lean production system is and why a lean production strategy is important to a company. Identify and describe the following basic elements of a lean production system:
    - Focus on the operator, continuous flow production
    - Quality at the source
    - A safe, orderly, and clean workplace
    - A flexible, cross-trained team
    - Visual workplace
    - Standard work methods

    Research and identify a current company that has used lean production as a source of competitive advantage and explain how that company used its supply chain as that source of competitive advantage.

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    // This paper will help the reader to understand the lean production system. It will also emphasize on the basic element of the system and explain how this system helps in achieving competitive advantage with the help of an example. The following section will explain the meaning and importance of the system along with how it works in an organization.//

    The assembly line methodology used by the company that focuses on elimination of wastes in order to provide quality products to its customers referred as lean production system. This system facilitates providing right products with right prices at a right place to the customers. Therefore, it is also known as just in time approach. This approach emphasizes on minimizing the inventory by manufacturing the products as customers ordered it. This facilitates meeting the customer requirements which in turn increases the satisfaction level of customers. In this method, different resources used for production is passed through the assembly line in small lots so as to improve and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the workers (Dennis, 2007).

    Transfer of products in small quantities across different stages of the process results in reduction of the cycle time of the production. This results in increase in the overall productivity of a company. This method also facilitates building and maintaining relationship with the suppliers so as to improve the supply chain as building of strong relations with suppliers helps to procure raw material and other resources at low cost, which in turn facilitates offering end products to customers at reasonable prices (Dennis, 2007).

    Lean Production System is the most popular method to ensure the total quality management in the companies, specifically Japan. Lean production system helps the managers to eliminate the wastes from the manufacturing process which helps in smooth flow of products across different processes. This results in providing quality products to the customers at reasonable prices as the adoption of this method reduces the cost of production, which results in value addition to the customers. Adoption ...

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