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    Reengineering: A Management Fad?

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    Is reengineering just another management fad or does it offer something of lasting value? Describe specific situations in which you would or would not recommend reengineering as a potential strategy. Be sure to support your answer.

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    In the 1980s, the term 'business process reengineering' (BPR) was born as a new way of describing the systems analysis and process redesign techniques of earlier decades. At its most simple level, these techniques recognize that each organization operates based on a set of definable processes. And having defined them, it is possible to look within each process to find ways of improving efficiency. Reengineering focuses on making major structural changes to everyday with the goal of substantially improving productivity, efficiency, and quality or customer satisfaction. Reengineering has evolved from a hot management fad to a solid collection of value-added tools that companies will be using from now on. Business Reengineering is an important concept towards customer orientation, and concentrates on the obstacles to Business Reengineering ...