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Letter to an engineering manager

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Can you please correct the sentences. Please re-write the whole letter and sentences, please re-write the whole sentences....... Letter should be professional and please use high vocabulary words and please add few more lines.......

Dear Engineering Manager,

Below is the Addendum Notification for back up generators which I have emailed to all engineering firms, As engineering firm request few clarification overall intent of the RFP scope.

Hi All (Engineering Firm),

As requested by the few engineering firms about clarification of back up generators RFP. Here is the overall intent of the RFP scope of work.

The RFP enclosure documents (Electrical Details and Single Line Drawings & Loading Level Percentages - Sheet are just for Reference only). The intent of the RFP is preliminary engineering (application study) and is to perform an assessment of the electrical consumption in both the underground mine and surface facilities. This will involve members of the engineering team to spend some time on site to do a visual check and to do testing, if necessary, of the equipment in order to formulate a model of the equipment and its electrical usage.

Then, knowing the emergency equipment requirements for electrical equipment, compile a report recommending the usage of one, two or more generators to satisfy a power interruption.

There will be a separate RFP that will address the specification and procurement of the generator set (S).

All engineering firm understand that this is a fixed price proposal and should identify assumptions with regards to the amount of time on site that engineering firm estimate. Please also provide approximate number of weeks to complete review of estimated time required on site visit and obtaining information from site. Also please provide complete standard engineering services fee schedule.

Thank you

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The letter to an engineering managers are provided.

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Dear Engineering Manager:

Below is the addendum notification for the backup generators which I have emailed to all the engineering firms to clarify the overall intent of the RFP scope.

Dear Members of the Engineering Firm:

As requested by a few of the engineering firms regarding clarification of for backup generators RFP I am including the overall intent of the RFP scope of work.

The RFP enclosure documents ...

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