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    Human Resources // opinion required

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    James Richards has an electrical engineering degree from a United States' accredited university. Upon graduation he was offered, and he accepted, an entry-level engineering position at a firm in San Antonio, Texas. He has been gainfully employed with this firm for the last five years. Recently he interviewed with your firm which is located in Chicago, Illinois. You, working for the human resources department, want to employ James. Working in conjunction with your supervisor you will need to draft three items; (1) a compensation package, (2) an incentive plan, and (3) a benefits plan in order to successfully employ James Richards with your organization.

    In a cover letter that prefaces your compensation, incentive and benefits packages, indicate why your designs are appropriate for the position you are offering James Richards. If your using the internet please site your sources

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    The question requires you to form a compensation package, an incentive package and a benefits package for your company that is making an offer to an engineer who has five years experience and has an electrical engineering degree. The candidate has been interviewed and is assumed to be a good candidate for a vacancy in your company. Then you are required to draft a covering letter explaining to the candidate why your offer is attractive.
    <br>The question makes several assumptions, first it assumes that discussions about the compensation package has already taken place, however, it provides no evidence to support this. A compensation package and a covering letter are no substitutes for across the table discussion and a small aberration can turn off an excellent candidate. Second, the problem assumes that James Richards has no problem in relocating from San Antonio to Chicago, Illinois. Usually, there are some relocation problems like wife's job or children's school. Then the company should offer some help to make the offer more attractive. Third, the question assumes that James has no opportunity cost, that is he has no other offer, usually this is not the case, a candidate who has applied to your company may also have applied to several other companies, may have competing offers and may be in line for promotion in his own company. Fourth, the question assumes that we can offer an attractive package to James to attract him to join our company, however the question omits mentioning the compensation package being offered to other electrical engineers in our company with experience similar to that of James.
    <br>This is ...