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    Project Control & Monitoring

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    I need the following answered in ones own opinion. Thank you.

    1)Resource allocation is fundamental to managing a successful project. Explain how stakeholder management is linked to resource allocation management. Additionally, can you have a resource constraint of people without having time constraint implications?

    2)Describe a typical monitoring and control process in project management. Which parameters in project management would you monitor continuously? Also, discuss how project managers can monitor project risks?

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    1), Stakeholder management is linked to resource allocation management. Stakeholder management is related to dealing with and controlling project team members, senior management, resource managers, line managers, and product user group. It also relates to dealing with and controlling the vendors, and users. The resources are received from the stakeholders. The budget is allocated by the senior management. The budget is an important resource. If the budget is inadequate the project will fail. Dealing with senior management is important. Line managers and resource managers provide the human resources required for the project. Dealing with them is required to get the human resources required for the project. Getting the right mix of skills and ...

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    The solution explains project management control & monitoring, touching on topics of resource allocation, constraint implications and parameters in monitoring. The references related to the answer are also included.