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    Role of Human Resources in Union Environments

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    Provide a detailed explanation of understanding of the role of human resources in union environments as well as the dynamics involved in a unionized organization. What challenges do human resource managers face in dealing with a unionized organization? Share how the material and research for the role of human resources in union environments impacts someone personally and professionally.

    Reference: Minimum of three (3) external resources.

    Length: 3-5 pages

    Use current APA standards

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    The role of human resources in union environment is diverse. When the union is being organized, the human resource managers provide legal information and training to managers who are dissuading the formation of the union. The HR clarifies what actions are legal and what actions are illegal. The HR has to represent the employer during union formation to ensure that the union that seeks to be recognized truly represents the employees and may require that an election with secret balloting be held. Once the union is formed, the HR plays an important role in collective bargaining (1). Usually the HR represents the management and must use efficient negotiation and bargaining methods with the union representatives (2). The HR must during negotiations seek to include clauses relating to recruitment, compensation, promotions, benefits, productivity, disciplining, demotions, and discharge of employees. The HR must specify the procedures for termination of employees under the union agreement.
    After the union agreement is signed, the HR must ensure that all its actions and the actions of the supervisors/managers must be in compliance with the labor agreement. The role of the human resources after the union contract will be to inform supervisors and managers about the clauses in the agreement and train them how to deal with workers, how to address their grievances, and how to discipline them (3). The human resources must train the managers and supervisors to comply with the union agreement.
    When a union agreement is signed the role of HR becomes important in the context of grievances. If the union raises grievances, the HR must resolve the grievance in ...

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