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    Collective Bargaining within Union Environment

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    Take a moment to reflect regarding the use of a collective bargaining agreement and what impact it may have on you in your current position. Would you be interested in working in a union environment? Would you be supportive of a union coming into your working environment? Would you be supportive of removing a union from your working environment? Why or why not? Now ask yourself these same questions from the viewpoint of a human resources professional and union in the education/training industry. Ponder the challenges that you may be faced with in a human resources role or a member of a union, if operating in a collective bargaining environment.

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    In my current position, collective bargaining would benefit my career and those of my colleagues. The teachers' union is a staple of American teachers' history, because of the ability for those who are teachers to stand united when necessary to demand better pay and other benefits, such as retirement. Currently in Chicago, the teachers' union is striking to receive better living wages, attempting to force this position through their union. The ability of unions to attain better positions in a collective bargaining agreement lies within the strength in numbers, this is evident when a majority of workers or all workers in a particular profession choose to unionize. Therefore, I would support a union at my workplace and would not be supportive of removing this important asset for workers from the teaching profession.

    The reason I wouldn't support removing the union from the teaching profession is because of all the benefits associated with having collective bargaining power. If individual teachers were to attempt, on their own accord, to request higher wages and a more secure retirement fund, many would ...

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    Collective bargaining within union environments are examined.