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    Major Laws Affecting Equal Employment Opportunity

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    Objective: Identify and describe the major laws affecting equal employment opportunity.
    Discuss the impact of employee motivation and those techniques to maximize employee contributions.
    Describe the basic approaches to human resources planning.
    Describe the components of training-needs assessment.
    Assess the various methods of performance evaluation.
    List the types of, and reasons for, implementing individual incentive plans.
    Must be in APA format with references cited in body of paper and on reference page in APA format.

    You are a supervisor in a small manufacturing plant and you are part of an internal team which is auditing the plant's practices and procedures. In the course of the review, your team has found several areas which are deficient in having documented procedures and standards. You have taken on the task of developing written procedures for each of these areas.

    For this project you are to draft answers or solutions for each of the following scenario and submit as a comprehensive report to be given to the company President. Be sure to utilize and cite research in each of the scenarios.

    Scenario One: The union contract covering most of your employees is about to expire. How do you prepare for the collective bargaining process?

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    Procedures and Practices of Collective Bargaining

    Nowadays, unions represent their members for the collective bargaining process. Terms and conditions of union members have changed dramatically that is posing challenges before the employers at wider level (Mathis & Jackson, 2007). Union agreements have some specific duration and procedure that needs to be followed by the employers in order to ensure the cooperation of union members for their business. There will be a discussion of a collective bargaining process that will be used for the union members to renovate their expired agreement. Apart from this, there will be a discussion of critical aspects that will be considered during the preparation of negotiation process.
    Collective Bargaining Process
    It covers a negotiation between the two parties that have their own interest behind the collective bargaining. It is an agreement between the employees and employer in terms of compensation, job settings and workplace safety. According to the scenario, it is identified that the union contract is about to expire, so there is a need to develop a new union contract. To develop a new union contract is not an easy task as it needs some preparation for the contract procedure and practices (Mathis & Jackson, 2007). As a supervisor, it is essential to apply the negotiation skills to develop a new contract. New contract needs an effective collective bargaining process that further will assist the employees to ensure a safe future at job. To develop an effective and favorable negotiation process, it is vital to prepare for the process and apply some tactics.
    Collective bargaining process sets the conditions for the employment. For the collective bargaining process, I will follow a series of steps that will assist in ensuring a successful leading at the process for the employees. These are as follows:
    Prepare: First of all, I will follow the prepare step to ensure a successful collective bargaining process in order to attain a favorable agreement. A negotiation team will be formed to conduct a collective bargaining process. Only the skills and knowledgeable people will be selected for a negotiation team on behalf of the employees and union members. After developing a negotiation team, understanding of the key issue is essential. Main issues that will be discussed in a collective bargaining process will be finalized before starting the process (Manas & Graham, 2003). Knowledge of key aspects like operations, production, norms and conditions will be also covered in this step of collective bargaining process.
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