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Collective Bargaining Initiatives

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Evaluate the role that Human Resources plays in collective bargaining initiatives:

a. Union organizing campaign

b. Good-faith bargaining

c. Participants in negotiations

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This solution discusses the role of human resources in collective bargaining initiatives.

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Collective Bargaining Initiative

Collective bargaining could be defined as the negotiation process between employees and employers to reach a mutual decision. It involves right and duties of the people at work. It can also be described as the joint decision making. The collective bargaining initiatives are quite important as it is performed at different levels in an organization. Human resources play an important role in the collective bargaining initiatives. This paper describes the role of human resources in some collective bargaining initiatives.

Union Organizing Campaign

The union organizing campaign could be defined as the activity to organize the unions in an organization. Union organizing campaign causes an increase in hurdles for the organization. It is because; this campaign is performed when employees ...

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