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Collective Bargaining: Recent Issues

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The Human Resources professional has an even bigger responsibility in an organization with a collective bargaining unit or multiple collective bargaining units. Many times the human resources department has to act as the neutral third party that mediates the disputes between both sides. It is very important that both sides of the organization, management and the collective bargaining unit(s), see the Human Resources Department as a neutral player.

Write a paper that evaluates current issues effecting labor relations and collective bargaining. Has our current economic state impacted the collective bargaining process? Are there differences in employee interests when comparing those who are employed in the private sector as opposed to those working in a governmental capacity? Please include your resources.

Proposed Length: 3 pages (not including title and reference pages).

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The current issues relating to labor relations and collective bargaining are that union membership has been increasing in the service sector. However, there is a decline of unionized employees in the manufacturing sector. Further, the recent gains in the service sector have come in from the West Coast states such as California where the union membership is above the national average of 12.1%. The current economic situation has impacted the collective bargaining process. Higher global competition, capital flight, and change from a manufacturing economy to a service economy have adversely affected the collective bargaining process (4). Currently, greater tendency of firms to rely on transitory and contingent workers also adversely affects union density. Further, even local union strategies can effectively interrupt global production to make collective bargaining more effective. For example, the UAW strike against General Motors in 1998 interrupted global production process. From the perspective of unions the collective bargaining process now is effective on local basis. Collective bargaining based on local manufacturing units is more effective than centralized collective bargaining based on sector or industry. With the overall decline of organized labor is has become important that laws be passed to improve the position of unions and to provide a safety net for all employees (1).
The density of unions in the private sector manufacturing industry has declined because of ...

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