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Influence of Collective Bargaining

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On the benefit to law enforcement or the community of utilizing collective bargaining. Do you feel the process is effective and contributes to satisfied public and improved service? Why/why not? Use evidence to support your thinking. 

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Collective bargaining is a process that facilitates an open dialog system of communication between representatives of the police union and organizational leadership. It's a formal and informal forum where each entity can bring forth issues relating to organizational challenges that may affect the rank in file, labor concerns, and contract disputes. Collective bargaining eliminates hostile conflict between the entire organization and management, and is a form of participation, cooperation, and shared responsibility, it establishes trust, respect, and understanding ...

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This solution was offered in response to an inquiry into collective bargaining and the influence it may have on improving public services. A direct link to an article explaining the efficacy of collective bargaining is offered within the solution. 324 words with a reference.

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