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Letter of Recommendation for a Business

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Mike just finished his bachelor degree in business management, and he is ready to apply for his MBA at Harvard University. He worked at his family Automobile body shop collision and auto sales for 8 years as a salesman, insurance adjuster & a sales and accounting manager, he also have an associate degree in management from X college. You are the owner of the company that Mike works for, using letterhead stationery, please write a letter of recommendation for Mike to submit it for the admission people at Harvard business school candidly, about the ability to express ideas clearly, motivation to achieve, ability to work independently and with others, and strengths and weaknesses for graduate research and study.

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This write up is a sample of job recommendation letter for graduate degree application. It is aimed at given students clue on how to write a good reference letter.

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A sample of how to write this letter is given below. Since you have to use your office letterhead, all you need do is to go straight to the receiving address as shown in the example below.


The Graduate Coordinator
Havard Business School,
Havard University.

The next line will go like this:

Recommendation for Mike YYYYYY for MBA Programme (this line is optional)

The first paragraph of the body of the letter will go like this:

Mike YYYYYY has worked for me for the past ...

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