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    Ethical dimensions of Cal and Harry: Should Cal give a letter

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    C) As an executive in a mid-sized manufacturing firm, Cal finds himself thrown together with Harry, who works for a unit Cal oversees. He and Harry are in the same community; their children are in the same schools; they often show up at the same social functions; and they play golf together fairly frequently. One day, to Cal's deep dismay, he hears that Harry has been implicated in some financial irregularities at work. The issues, while serious, leave some room for doubt. There is reason to think Harry got ensnared by regulations, though he may have tried to cover up that entanglement afterwards by being less than forthright. Yet, after what Cal observes to be a careful audit and investigation, Harry is let go from his job. Harry comes to Cal and asks for a letter of recommendation. What should Cal do? What are the consequences of the options?

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    With letters of recommendation, the key issue is what's legal and what's ethical. Cal should form his letter carefully (and preferably with the help of the ...

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    Ethical dimensions of Cal and Harry: Should Cal give a letter of recommendation?