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    Fluid Mechanics - Volume

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    10. Two containers contain water at 20 C and 92 C, respectively. How much water should be taken out from each container so that the resulting water mixture has a volume 362 L and a temperature of 30 C.

    (All these problem are in the book FLUID MECHANICS 9th edition, by Streeter, Wylie & Bedford ISBN: 0-07-062537-9).

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    The essential idea is to calculate the energy of the final mass of water using the heat capacity of water, the volume of the final amount of water and the final temperature of the water.

    E = Cp x mass water x Twater = change in energy bucket 1 + change in energy bucket 2
    We assume the ...

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    This solution is provided in 253 words. It uses the heat capacity of water and final volume to find what volume should be taken out.