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Can you please correct the sentences. Please re - write the whole sentences. Please make sure that It should be professional... Please add few more lines... Here is the information.... This is about monthly high lights

Key Highlights:

1 Discussed about TSSA requirements for Underground water pipe with John
2 Initial meeting with X supplier to find bit products for continuous miner.
3 Discussed with few major supplier regarding 8" at 1200 PSI fiberglass pipe for Mine Dewatering vertical pipe for No. 3 Shaft. Also discussed our engineering department suggested few pipes that might work for Shaft., also requested pipe suppliers for site visit.
4 Called few engineering firm for site visit for No. 3 Headframe Bin & Catwalks project
5 Discussed with Y contractor for XMP project and requested for sign copy of contract.
6 Discussed with engineering about No. 2 Shaft Heater fan technical scope and emailed RFP to suppliers and installation contractor
7 Discussed with engineering about No. 1 Shaft Headframe Refurbishment project and emailed RFP to few engineering firms.
8. Addressed to John about out stock inventory level increase.
9. Communicated YZX contractor through an email about Filling project about back charges, additional charges and out of scope charges.
Key Lowlights:

1 Requested few construction companies and engineering firm to sign our Confidentiality agreement.
2 Phone discussion with Canadian bearings supplier and requested conveyor belt roll should be at least 900 feet and belt should be less than 96" in diameter and belt weight should be less than 18,000 lbs. Reason for request to avoid splicing cost underground.
3 With help of John (Purchasing Manager) Negotiated contract terms with XYZ consultant..
4 Negotiated contract terms with YZ Architect for Dry Expansion project.
5 Did quick follow up on the few past due PO's.

Must Haves:

1 Need to address past due orders to avoid stock outs
2 communicate with in the department
3 All Contractors who works on site should sign contract and provide insurance.

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A rewrite that organizes and corrects faulty language for a list of highlights.

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Key Highlights:

1. Discussed TSSA requirements for underground water pipe with John.
2. An initial meeting with X supplier to find bit products for continuous miner was held.
3. Discussed with a few major suppliers regarding 8" at 1200 PSI fiberglass pipe for mine dewatering vertical pipe for No. 3 Shaft. Also discussed with our engineering department who suggested the pipes that might work for the shaft, and also requested pipe suppliers make a site visit.
4. Called a number of ...

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