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    Bookworm game design analysis

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    Play an electronic game for a minimum of four hours, analyze at least five key areas, and then use your analysis of the key concepts to write a short review of the game.

    Select key concepts that are relevant to your game, and only select the topics that will yield interesting analysis.

    Write about a paragraph for each, and clearly label the concept with a subheading in the document.

    Bartle's Player Suits
    Monomyth / Hollywood ThreeAct
    Static Balance / Dynamic Balance
    S-Curve Level Design
    Physical / Visual Interface
    Active / Passive Interface
    Looping /Adaptive Music
    Non-Zero Sum
    Perfect / Imperfect Knowledge
    Intrinsic / Extrinsic Knowledge
    Implicit / Explicit Challenges
    Prisoner's Dilemma
    Tragedy of the Commons
    Level flow

    Game Review:

    Provide the following information:
    Complete title
    Game development studio & publisher
    Platform (mention only the platform on which you played the game)
    Genre (mention the published genre only)
    ESRB rating
    What worked (discuss 3 features of the game that worked for you, and why)
    What didn't work (discuss 3 game features that did not work for you, and why)
    Score (rate the game on a scale from 1 to 10 - with 10 being best)

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    One game I play a LOT for downtime and mental relaxation (the only reason I play a game) is the classic version of Bookworm, by PopCap Games. I have answered the questions you are supposed to respond to, based on my experience with this particular game. No doubt you will choose another game, so check my responses, and model yours after my suggestions.

    To be sure we are on the same page with terms, here are Web-based definitions of the game design terms your posting used, since I do not have access to whatever course textbook you were using in class.
    analyze at least five key areas from the book:

    http://www.immersyve.com/research-updates/2012/3/7/gdc-2012-wed-37-2pm-intrinsic-and-extrinsic-player-motivatio.html: Explanation of Intrinsic / Extrinsic Knowledge

    Bookworm works on both extrinsic and more subtly on intrinsic rewards. There are points assigned for each letter on the board: common letters are worth less points, uncommon letters are worth more. Points are awarded for unusual words, and for words with more letters in them. Points are awarded for finding the "special" word. At each stage, the game informs players which word found during that level was worth the most points, and also, which word the game decided was the "best" word found. The intrinsic part is exceeding my personal best score, and finding new words I did not know were words, since the ...

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