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Come up with a variation of one of your favorite electronic games by tweaking the time interval and player mode.

Can I also get a little help with question 2? See the attached file.

1. How do platform, time interval, and player mode affect the playing experience? The chess tabletop game isn't always merely a turn-based game - but it has a time-limited version. Imagine what chess would be like if it were played in real time. Now change the player mode to multiplayer. How would the experience of playing chess change if it was a real-time, multiplayer game? Come up with a variation of one of your favorite electronic games by tweaking the time interval and player mode.

2. Local play is common on console systems, but it can be awkward on computer systems. Can you think of a situation in which it would be fairly comfortable for two players to share a keyboard and mouse? Your company has been asked to develop a local play game for the computer platform. What type of game would you develop for this player mode - and why?

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The expert determines how platform, time interval and player modes affect the playing experience. A turn-based game such as chess is analyzed.

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Chess is a game about strategy and usually requires a player to think many steps ahead - time, teammates or more real-time players would change the game dramatically.

The strategy would be different - it would be more like a card game like bridge where you have to anticipate your opponents moves as well as your partners moves (if you have a partner).

The first thing I thought of about tweaking a single player, un-timed game was oddly enough bowling. Multiplayer, time based bowling would wreak havoc on the game. The mechanics governing how/when the pins would be ...

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