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    Elements and Principles in Art

    Various objective questions to check your general understand of the elements of Art (color, line, texture, value, etc.) and the Principles of Art (balance, contrast, unity, pattern, etc.).


    An artwork is intellectual property, which means that it is


    To mix a PINK paint color you must add _______ to red.


    LAYOUT is a term that describes how things in an artwork are arranged on the page or canvas.


    BALANCE in a work of art can be thought of as which playground toy?


    Contrast is a difference in one element in an artwork, and any of the elements can be contrasted.


    Shadows are usually shown


    Informal balance has objects of equal visual weight on both sides of an imaginary center line in a composition - usually not the same objects.


    Colors directly across from each other on the color wheel are known as_____________colors.


    Additive sculpture means that the artist must carefully plan what material they will remove before starting, so that the sculpture is not ruined by taking off a piece that is needed.


    Using what you know about color theory, what color clothing will help warm you up on a cold winter day?