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    Richard Bartle's player suits

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    Which of Richard Bartle's player suits best describes you as a player? What types of games naturally cater to your player suit? Take the questionnaires associated with VALS (http://www.strategicbusinessinsights. com/vals/presurvey.shtml) or MBTI (http://similarminds.com/jung.html). Do your results correspond to your player suit self-evaluation?

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    From the following Web-based reference; http://gamification-research.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/11-Dixon.pdf come the following suits: Hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds, each with a corresponding personality type described as killers, socializers, achievers, and explorers. The theory explains that gamers play for various reasons, and can be identified as to type by their style of play. I would categorize myself as an achiever, based on my knowledge of myself and my life choices.

    The sorts of games that cater to my suit are education games, and games that pit me against myself, instead of other players, for high scores. I do not like timed games. I ...

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    Online questionnaire is provided that indicates which one of the four player types a video game player relates to, based on a self-evaluation by the player in advance. Self-analysis example of video player personality.