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    Is it unethical for Zach's employer to force him to be a team player?

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    Is it unethical for Zach's employer to force him to be a team player?

    Is his firm breaking an implied contract that it made with him at the time he was hired?

    Does his employer have any responsibly to provide Zach with an alternative that would allow him to continue to work independently?

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    Whenever we speak of ethics, we must speak of morality, for the two are intimately linked together. And when we speak of morality, we must have a standard upon which we measure moral or ethical actions. Therefore, what does it mean to act ethically? Economist and author, Richard Maybury (author of the Uncle Eric series of books) has narrowed it down to two basic laws of human conduct:

    1. Do all that you have agreed to do
    2. Do not encroach upon other persons or their property

    This makes good sense, doesn't it? If you like a religious take on this same set ...

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