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Whistle-blowing in The Insider.

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The text discusses the true-life story of Jeffrey Wigand, whose "whistle-blowing" on the tobacco companies was portrayed in the film The Insider.

If you were in a situation where your employer was acting unethically, would you report him? Outline some of the elements to consider in making this decision. What factors would be important to consider before you would report what you know? What factors might prevent you from acting?

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This solution provides a personal opinion on whistle blowing and outline what to consider before reporting on the unethical behavior of an employer.

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If I found myself in a position where my employer was committing an unethical act, I would like to say I would "blow the whistle" on him without hesitation. The truth is, even when you know, according to your own morals and sense of right and wrong, that what a person is doing is wrong, there is still a lot of other factors to consider before acting upon your moral grounds. One obvious reason is your job security. This ...

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