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Execution of Leadership Duties

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Please assist with the following questions:

1. How watching leaders in the movie "A Few Good Men" might affect your perception or execution of your leadership duties.

2. Please assess and compare (pro or con - or do both) at least two leaders in the movie. Please also provide a relative side-by-side comparison of the leaders, not a single analysis of one leader, and then another analysis of another leader.

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1. How watching leaders in the movie "A Few Good Men" might affect your perception or execution of your leadership duties.

I would take into account which leader appears more effective and ethical. Clearly, the movie demonstrates how ethics and good behavior prevails over unethical practices. After working in organizations in a team environment, it's been my experience that a leader who promotes a collaborative environment will more than likely have a productive and efficient workforce. Performance improves if everyone is on the same wavelength. For example,

Lt. Kaffee had a team based work environment in which everyone learned to work cohesively. As Lt. Kaffee's team was formed everyone had issues or difficulties working together. For example, Cmdr. Galloway didn't think Lt. Kaffee had enough experience to lead the case and was bitter as a result. Lt. Sam Weinberg thought his role as an administrator was beneath him and he wanted to quit. In the midst of the opposition everyone was able to put their differences aside and work together, which resulted in a win for their team. I would learn to work with people instead of coercing people to do what I want them to do. I would rather have a team respect me as a leader than to fear me as a dictator. I wouldn't be as arrogant as Col. Jessup to think that no one else has creative ...

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