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The Three Core Processes of Successful Business

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Write a reaction as a result of reading the book Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done. This paper should include answers and discussion around the following questions:

(1) Do you agree with Bossidy's & Charan's (2002) disciple of execution specifically in terms of their stated three core processes for every successful business: the people process, the strategy process & the operation process? Why or why not?

(2) Does your place of employment (past or present) emulate this type of "execution?" If so, how? If not, could it? Why or why not? Do you believe an "execution" philosophy for ensuring strategic management principles can really work in organizations? Why or why not?
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I am in agreement with Bossidy's & Charan's (2002) discipline of execution, specifically in terms of their stated three core processes for every successful business, which includes the people process, the strategy process, and the operation process. One particular reason that I am in agreement with the discipline of execution is due to the fact that core processes are essential to the development of a methodology by which to efficiently and effectively enhance the productivity of a business or enterprise. In addition, without strong core processes, the organization will never be able to reach its full potential within its given industry, and all of his efforts will be uncoordinated and undisciplined, which will lead to inefficiency and ineffectiveness within the organization. I am also agreement that the core processes that are endorsed by the authors are very pertinent to ensure that an organization is working at optimal efficiency and effectiveness, in achieving its overall objectives, largely due to the fact that the people process, the strategy process, and the operation process, on the basis of the effective and efficient day-to-day operations of any good organization, and these processes are absolutely essential to achieving organizational objectives in a highly efficient and effective fashion.

The people process is very important due to the fact that an organization's success is largely dependent on the judgment calls, and are made by the individuals within the organization, and these judgment calls are made, but individuals in the upper echelon of senior leadership of a given organization, as well as individuals that are front line staff members within the given organization. It is absolutely essential that the people process is highly efficient and effective, so the the right people are in the right positions in a given organization, that make the best use of their strengths and characteristics that are pertinent to the enhancement of the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization, which will in turn increase the profitability of the organization exponentially. Without a sound, logical, and disciplined people process, that would be a detrimental breakdown in the human resource aspect of an organization, and this breakdown will lead to detrimental aftereffects for the organizational paradigm, which will in turn lead to a reduction in the profitability of a given organization, which may invariably lead to the demise of the organization as a whole. Due to these factors, the people process is largely viewed as the most important process within the discipline of execution. In essence, a good people process is very accurate at evaluating the staff members within the organization, as well as those applicants or job candidates that may potentially join a given organization, which makes it imperative that an organization has and effective process by which to screen and gain a keen understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of these individuals, so that the organization can make the best decision possible in relation to the competency of an individual to gain employment and work with the organization, or to work within a given department within the organization. An accurate screening and assessment process will save an organization a great deal of money in the long run, due to the fact that the organization will be able to make the determination as to the worthiness of an individual to become a member of the organization, and if this individual is found not to be worthy or competent to work with a given organization, the organization will find out in a proactive manner early in the screening and assessment process, which will go along way in saving the organization a great deal of time and money, due to the fact that organization will not have to spend time and money in reversing the mistake that they made in hiring an individual in the first place.

The screening and analysis process that takes place within the people process, is also a great methodology to use in order to find the best fit for an individual that has been found competent enough to work with the given organization. By matching a staff member with the job within the organization that will make the best use of their strengths and characteristics, will serve to profit the organization in the short run, as well as in the long term, which is highly beneficial to any organization. Not only will matching a staff member with the job within organization to make the best use of their strengths and characteristics serve to profit organization, but this will also serve to increase the happiness and satisfaction that the individual receives with performing their job duties, which will in turn make the individual tend to work that much harder for the organization, which is also beneficial to the ...

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