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Unification Model - Implementation Steps

I need help and guidance for answering questions below in my attached paper. My paper was unsuccessful. This is for my Enterprise Architecture class.

Explains the implementation steps recommended to achieve the selected operating model.

Defines implementation steps that address key business processes.

Defines implementation steps that address key business systems and IT infrastructure.

Defines implementation steps that address key data composing the selected organization's core operations.

Explains rationale for the selected operating model.

Follows APA style and format requirements guidelines, is clearly written, and is free of grammatical errors.


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The Unification model describes a federal organizational design. By implementing this model the company would achieve reliability, certainty and also lower the costs, and hence prove to be economical, as it standardizes business processes and sharing data across business units to create an end-to-end view of operations and a single face to the customer [1].

In order for a company to pursue and implement the Unification model, it has to deal with three main steps. The first step is to standardize their business processes so that they are cross operational, which would include standardizing their business units, consolidating ...

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This explains in short the implementation steps required to implement unification model.