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    Implementation of the Kotter 8 Step Model

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    Would you be able to write me 750 words on the implementation of the Kotter 8 Step Model?

    It should include the following:

    1) Strengths & Weaknesses of the model
    2) Important steps within the model
    3) Difficulty in implementation
    4) Common mistakes in implementation.

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    The response addresses the query posted in 776 words with APA references (see attachment).

    //Kotter's model is widely implemented as a change management tool by a large number of business organizations in the present scenario. Through this paper, various strengths and weaknesses of the Kotter's model, along with their implementation practices, has been highlighted in a broad context.//

    Implementation of Kotter's Model
    1. Strengths & Weaknesses of the Model
    According to Erskine (2013), the major strengths of Kotter's model are that it is easy and simple to understand for the business organizations. This model is best fitted in the culture of classical hierarchies in the firms. The steps of Kotter's model are very clear in nature, which provides the right guidance to the individuals of the organization (Erskine, 2013). Another crucial strength of this model is that it leads to more focus on the implementation of buy-in strategy for the employees, which leads to more success of the business firms. The major weakness is that the linearity of the Kotter's model often leads to wrong assumptions. It is a top-down model due to which it is difficult to change the direction once the process has been started by an individual in the organization (Erskine, 2013). It may generate more frustration among the employees if the needs of the individuals are not satisfied with this ...

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    The expert examines implementation of the Kotter 8 step model.The response addresses the query posted in 776 words with APA References.