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Characteristics of Successful Implementation

What company characteristics have impact on a successful implementation?

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What company characteristics have impact on a successful implementation?

Following company characteristics have impact on a successful implementation
When strategy drives the planning process, implementation is eased. When new strategies are implemented, changes must often be made - particularly in terms of structure and processes in the organization. Implementation can also be eased as complexity is reduced. And finally, having key processes in place (including decision-making, problem analysis, opportunity analysis, situation analysis, and project management) will assist in effective implementation. Implementing strategy involves

* Creating fits between way things are done & what it takes for effective strategy execution
* Executing strategy proficiently & efficiently
* Producing excellent results in timely manner

* Most important FITS are between strategy AND
- Organizational capabilities
- Reward structure
- Internal support systems
- Organizational culture


* Building a capable organization
* Allocating ample resources to strategy-critical activities
* Establishing strategy supportive policies & procedures
* Instituting best practices & mechanisms for continuous improvement
Following is required:

1) Sound Planning is the first step of the success of the business. It will act as a guidance and road map for the organization.
"A business plan is a summary of how a business owner, manager, or entrepreneur intends to organize an ...

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