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    Intercultural Communication

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    The letter (attached) was originally written by an American supervisor to her Asian secretary. It had caused some controversy because the Asian secretary, who had a college degree, thought it was very rude and insulting. What happened later was that the boss-employee relationship deteriorated to such an extent that the secretary finally resigned.

    Write a memo: a) critiquing the letter in terms of content, expressions, style, rhetorical strategy, etc. using the knowledge about intercultural communication and b) offering suggestions as to how to revise the letter to make it "culturally sound."

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    // Memorandum is a communication device that helps in recording events. It is widely used for offices or business purpose. Through this memorandum we would comment on the importance of Intercultural Communication. While writing a memo we have to follow a format like given below.//

    Intercultural communication


    To: XYZ

    From: ABC

    Date: November 2, 2007

    Subject: Suggestions to revise the letter.

    // Memo always starts with a short introduction of about the issue being tackled. Here, we would describe the problem.//


    This is a letter regarding the problems about original memorandum. There is need to revise the letter to be culturally sound. All the aspects are considered as to make the letter more influential and effective.

    // The ...

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