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    Proper Letter Writing for Contracting

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    Please re - write the whole letter and the sentences. The letter should be professional and a little bit pleasing by using high vocabulary words, adding more lines, etc.

    Dear Contractor,

    This is about No. 3 Headframe project, I have looked into your insurance documents, You have mentioned Expo has certificate holder on your insurance document, can you also include MT engineering company also certificate holder on your insurance policy.
    Also request Professional Liability insurance from MT engineering company. on the insurance policy of MT engineering company, request to include Expo as certificate holder for this project.

    Can you please expedite the process, so we can issue the Purchase order.

    Thank you

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    Dear Contractor:

    This letter is in regard to the No. 3 Headframe Project, which I have looked into concerning the insurance documents we have received from you. You ...

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