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Supporting Child Literacy at Home

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1. What are some ideas for supporting a child's literacy at home.

2. What are various theories of writing development (STAGES OF WRITING).

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What are some ideas for supporting a child's literacy at home?

Some of the ideas for supporting a child's literacy at home is by introducing her/him reading age-appropriate books. Scholastic Inc., is a good source of books. Educational Fisher Price toys are another form of didactic content through which children can be taught as part of a home literacy program. The care-giver must be literate in order to make the home literacy possible. First, the children should be read to and then led through guided reading, thereafter they can read on their own. Secondly, children acquire the forms and function of literacy through interacting with more capable peers and adults. Children learn best from meaningful and functional activities. The stages of developmental levels of children are a challenge and ...

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Child literacy aspects and factors in schooling at home , writing and reading at young age

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