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Family Literacy

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This posting offers ideas about strategies for fostering communication and relationships with families.

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Please allow my ideas to help. Once you write your own, please send to us for editing. Please ensure to use APA format as you write your paper:

First of all, as you offer a brief summary of each strategy and a short analysis of the effectiveness of each strategy, please note that increasing parental involvement is pivotal to students' success at all ages, particularly beginning the early childhood stages. As you analyze the effectiveness, you might want to mention academic gains as a main reason for using these ideas. For example, research cites that there is a "10 to 15% reduction in the achievement gap by getting parents involved in the education of their children" (elc-pa.org/pubs/.../english/schoolreports/draftachgapreport72705.pdf).

As you mention specific strategies, feel free to use some of my notes and research ideas:

One strategy is what I call an "ET Phone Home." In other words, it is extremely wise to send a weekly or monthly parent newsletter for parents/families to know and understand what types of lessons, celebrations, field trips, or class activities are occurring in school. You might also ensure that this newsletter is translated into the native languages found in your school or day care center. You might also send it via email if parents have access. This strategy is effective because it produces a collaborative, ...

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Family literacy ideas are listed.

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