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Parent Handbook to Promote Literacy

I really need help with this week's assignment.

Your principal has tasked your teaching pod with the development of a "parent handbook" that can be used at Back to School Night to help promote an at home/school partnership in literacy.

Create two activities that will contribute to the development of vocabulary.

For each activity, include materials that would be inexpensive and easily accessible in the home and instructional tips to make the activity successful.

Research and list free community resources or government agencies that promote family literacy activities or provide free materials. Provide the name, contact information, and services provided by each.

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Promoting literacy development in children is not only the responsibility of educators, but of parents and other interested parties as well. With that in mind, this is a great assignment that you could work with co-teachers on. Often times teachers get frustrated at the lack of parental involvement with their students, but we often fail to understand that it is not always due to a lack of interest on the part of the parents. Many times they simple do not have the tools or resources to help. They want to promote reading activities with their children, but they do not know where to start. That is where this "parent handbook" can come into play.

Specifically, you are charged with the task of creating two different activities to put into the handbook. Let me two possibilities below - both inexpensive and easy to replicate in the home:

Activity 1: As a family, sit down at the dinner table and create a word search together. One member of the family should choose a topic. Then each person chooses a set number of words to include in the word search. Each word should have something to do with the topic. This is a fun activity, inexpensive, ...

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The expert creates two activities that will contribute to the development of vacabulary.