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Parent Handbook

This job gives at least three reasons why you should spend valuable time preparing a Parent Handbook.

You have been observing a pre-kindergarten teacher in your program. The teacher seems to be highly skilled at interacting with the children and at guiding them. She wants them to succeed in kindergarten, and as a consequence, frequently insists that they practice writing the alphabet, and doing addition and subtraction problems. How would you approach her during her mid-year evaluation conference? What alternatives could you suggests?

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As for number 1, parent handbooks can serve several purposes and further many goals. For example, they can provide information about the policies, practices, and procedures of the elementary schools of our school district. Many parents may not know the school's philosophy or mission statement. After all, schools of today are much more complex and deal with many more aspects of a child's life than in the past. It is important that parents understand ...

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The reasons for a Parent Handbook are noted. How would you approach her during her mid-year evaluation conference is determined.