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    Los Pen empirical evidence

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    Profile the kind of empirical evidence at Los Pen that supports the school's transformation. Focus on quantitative data. Based on the statistical data gleaned from the readings what qualitative conclusions would you draw about the efficacy of the many aspects of differentiated parent support?

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    Once Los Pen administrators had determined that 80% of the referrals came from 20% of the teachers, they then used these teachers to assist in creating an effective school climate system. The teachers were trained in developing positive habits, as well as becoming proactive in teaching the students what behavior was appropriate. Once this program was implemented, the discipline decreased from 233 to 121 in one year for a total decrease of 48%. The school created a ...

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    Discusses the transformation of Los Pen Public Schools and how the principal made drastic changes to improve the school with the use of parent and community support.