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    Social Support at Los Pen

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    In a two page essay explain the following:
    State why social support was such an important element in the success at "Los Pen" mentioned by Fran Hjalmarson. Define social support in the school system? What does the research say about the efficacy of the many forms of social support? What experiences have you encountered with social support at your school as a teacher or as a K-12 student? How do these experiences compare to the research? (I live in an urban area; New Jersey). Answer each of the following questions aforementioned.

    Here are references which will help:


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    At Los Peñasquitos (Los Pen), there had been little social and emotional support for the students. The student's academic testing was tremendously low and it appeared as though no one wanted to help the students academically succeed. After Mr. King was made the principal, he helped to change the school around with his belief that "all children can learn and that it is the staff's job to teach them" (1). When Damen Lopez became principal five years later, he continued Mr. King's work; however, he included working with the staff as well. These two men, along with the teaching staff, helped to develop an environment that students could succeed in. Mr. Lopez worked with the staff to develop a system that concentrated on "collaboration, standards alignment, assessment, data analysis, and interventions" (1).
    Social and emotional support inside the classroom environment can make the student feel appreciated, accepted, and safe. Research shows that students that are in a caring and supportive social relationship in a school setting exhibit more positive academic attitudes and values, and an increased ...

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    Discusses the meaning of Social support, and why social support was such an important component at Los Penasquitos (Los Pen), and how Damen Lopez made a difference at the school.