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Public Administration-Budget

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I would greatly appreciate assistance with the following questions. Please respond with at least 100 words or more for all questions and provide any references used.

Thank you.

1. Analyze and describe four (4) governmental expenditures each from the Federal, State, and Local budgets that will have a greater impact on the national economy for the upcoming budget year. (This response is looking for 4 times 3 (federal, state, and local budgets) items, for a total of 12, and should include an explanation for each).


"Budget of the United States Government, Browse Fiscal Year 2011," at http://www.gpoaccess.gov/usbudget/fy11/index.html



2. Based on the e-Activity with the budget simulation game, describe what you learned about the challenge of balancing the federal budget.

Explore the budget simulation game at http://www.nathannewman.org/nbs/whytax.shtml and answer the following questions.

A) Choose two (2) budget categories where you believe an increase is advisable (Please respond with 100 words or more).

B) Choose two (2) where a decrease is advisable. Explain your choices (Please respond with 100 words or more).

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The expert examines public administration budgets. Examples of governmental expenditures for federal, state and local budgets are provided.

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Note that I used the MLA style of citation. Do remember that when writing your own report, you need to use the citation style recommended by your professor or university.

As you can see, I have subdivided the discussion into 3. Moreover, I also choose different expenditures for each division, thus making each of the expenditures items for federal, state and local budgets unique.

When you look at the PDF, you can notice that the federal budget is actually divided into the different budgetary authorities of the federal government. Hence, the following expenditures are contained in each of the budgets for each authority.

For your guidance, I presented a complete discussion of the first expenditure.
1. Central administration expenditure - support expenses to manage the day-to-day operations of the budgetary authority. Examples include salaries and supplies
2. Mandatory outlays
3. Research
4. Discretionary outlays

I decided to use the budget of the State of California given the numerous news updates recently about the state's huge budget deficit. For your guidance, I presented a complete discussion of the first expenditure.
1. Senate legislative expenditures - this contains the necessary expenses for the state to fully support its senate. Expenses within these items include salaries of senators, mileage, operating, automotive, and other expenses.
2. For ...

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