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Community Foundation

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Identify a community foundation in your area. Then write a 700 word paper describing the organization and the projects it supports.

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//Before writing about the Community foundation, it is essential to gain knowledge about what community foundation and its role in context of society is. One should know about the aim of community foundation in order to select any particular community foundation//


In this paper different aspect of community foundation has been described. Community foundation is the organization, which serves the different needs of their habitants. It plays the role of donor service for the society. It is a nonprofit public foundation, which pools the funds of donors for the benefit of residents. These are the tax exempt philanthropic institution, which work in a particular geographical area. This paper describes the organization and various projects of community foundation. We choose California community foundation of Los Angeles. This community helps the homeowners of the country in facing the problem of increasing interest rates.

//Above is the discussion of community foundation and its role as well as objectives. Moving to the next direction, explanation about the selected community foundation, i.e. organization of California community foundation is to be thrown light upon//

Organization of California community foundation

California community foundation was established in 1915 and is one of the leading charitable organizations in Los Angeles. This community foundation manages more than $1billion assets. Every year it grants approximately $100 million for the future investment of its local communities. It is a philanthropic organization, which is aimed to better ...

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