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    Psychopharmacological intervention

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    •Provide one example of when psychopharmacological interventions are warranted in counseling
    •Explain the counselor's role in the example that you provided
    •Explain how counselors might prepare themselves to best work with medical professionals in the example that you provided (include the need for using a signed release of information)
    •Identify a potential ethical dilemma for counselors related to the example you provided and explain why this could be a dilemma
    •Provide the most effective strategy counselors can use to mitigate the dilemma

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    Step 1
    One example of when psychopharmacological intervention is warranted in counseling is when the person being counseled shows feeling of apprehension, powerlessness, and impending danger. The condition of the person is such that he becomes tired easily, cannot concentrate and fails to do his day to day activities. If fear and uneasiness is uncontrollable, psychopharmacological intervention is recommended.

    Step 2
    The role of the counselor is to identify and document the symptom of the person. He will also figure out the root issue. If required the counselor may refer the person to a psychiatrist or the family physician for psychopharmacological intervention. In the example provided by me the counselor will ...

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