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    Learning and Genetics Relationship

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    Analyze the relationship between genetics and learning. Thank you so much for your help!

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    Analyze the relationship between genetics and learning

    Learning is a process by which individuals acquire new information, certain forms of behavior, or attitudes from other persons. Theories associated with learning are based on forms of conditioning such as classical or operant conditioning. Classical conditioning refers to the learning association between an individual and events in his or her environment. Operant conditioning is focused on behavioral modification via an action of distress or pleasure. A genetic determination model has a biological perspective. Fundamental to genetics is the theory of evolution that seeks to explain why persons differ from one another and understand how physiological, and behavioral characteristics are passed from parent to offspring (Pinel, 2006).The basic principle underlying genetics are genes (consisting of biochemical or chromosomal messages) that are responsible for the ...

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    This solution analyzes the relationship between genetics and learning. Fundamental genetics bases on the Theory of Evolution that seeks to explain individual differences are discussed.