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relationship between genetics and learning

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Analyze the relationship between genetics and learning. Examine individual differences in learning and memory.

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This solution briefly explores the relationship between genetics and learning.

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As you analyze the relationship between genetics and learning, examining individual differences in learning and memory, one main point might be the fact that recent studies in genetics have linked a strong correlation between heredity and effects on learning and intellect.

One article also offers evidence:


Another main point might be that researchers also reveal how genes are directly involved in human cognitive functioning. "These findings do not refute the notion that environmental factors shape the learning process. Instead they suggest that differences in people's genes affect how easily they learn" (http://faculty.bennington.edu/~sherman/Evolution%20in%20America/genetics%20of%20cognitive%20abilities.pdf). The issue is highly controversial since "Some people find the idea of a genetic role in intelligence alarming or, at the very least, confusing. It is important to understand from the outset, then, what exactly geneticists mean when they talk about genetic influence. The term typically used is "heritability": a statistical measure of the genetic contribution to differences among individuals" ...

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