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Classroom management plan

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Identify and explain three effective ways to communicate your classroom management plan to parents or guardians and the administration.

Describe a scenario in the classroom you observed when nonverbal communication was used with a student. How did this affect the student's behavior?

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One way to communicate a classroom management plan to students and parents is to include that information in your class syllabus, which is generally approved by administration prior to dissemination to students and parents. I include a signature page in the syllabus, and student and parent sign that acknowledgement form to show they have read the syllabus, understand the course objectives, instructional method, and management plan at the beginning of the term. That signature page serves as students' first homework assignment.

Another effective way to communicate a management plan is to have a school-wide plan that is included in the student handbook. The last two schools I worked for had a ...

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How to inform students, parents and administrators of classroom management plans, and using non-verbal communication for discipline issues.