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    Create a classroom management plan for a specific grade-level that includes the following components...

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    My assignment is below. I need someone to help me brain storm and come up with questions that can help me write my plan.

    Create a classroom management plan for a specific grade-level that includes the following components:
    1. Your personal philosophy of classroom management, using a 350-word, bulleted format
    2. A list of rules for student behavior and their positive/negative consequences
    3. A task analysis of one classroom procedure
    4. A substitute teacher plan for expectations and routines
    5. Your classroom management implementation plan
    6. A beginning of the year letter to parents, introducing yourself and explaining your classroom management plan
    7. A strategy for assessing your classroom management plan


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    Wow, I was in school for secondary education many years ago, and we had the same sorts of assignments!

    What I did to prepare plans like this was basically think about the best teachers I had and how they led their classroom, what their expectations were, how they communicated with students. It's also good to think about how NOT to do things.

    In terms of a philosophy:
    350 words is not a lot and with bullets, it shouldn't take a lot. Think about these things:
    How will you treat students? How will you exhibit respect and ask for it?
    What will be your goal for the students, in terms of learning and social interaction/behavior in the classroom?
    How will you enable students to exceed their own expectations as a learner?
    How will you work with other educators at your institution/school to create a holistic learning environment?
    How will you ensure that each student is treated as an individual and has time dedicated to him/her each day?
    How will you work to ensure that you are always acting professional, but also someone who is caring for each student's learning?

    2. List of rules:
    Behavioral issues really begin with how you set expectations at the front. You want students to show you respect, as well as the others around them. How do you facilitate that? It begins with showing them respect as well. So, if there is an issue with a student, it's often best to ask them to go out in the hall to discuss it as to not put on a show (which is sometimes what they are looking for), and to not embarrass them ...

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