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Assistive Technology Plan

I need some help with an Assistive Technology plan for the classroom that identifies the learner, his/her disability and grade level. What are the characteristics of the students' educational strengths and what would be the students' needs? How would the Student's family be involved in the classroom challenges and the existing support for the student?

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First you would need to decide on a name for the learner, the disability, and the age/grade level of the learner. An example is as follows:

Name of learner: Christopher Lewis

Disability Area: Visual Impairment

Age/Grade level: 10 years old/ 3rd Grade

A description of the learner: Christopher is strong in music appreciation and in mathematics. He has learned to play the acoustic guitar by ear from his father, and enjoys doing so very much; however, his reading, reading comprehension, language, and science need much improvement. He has attempted to learn braille, but has had some ...

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Discusses a scenario of what an Assistive Technology plan would be for a 10 year old, visually impaired, male student, as well as what the characteristics and educational strengths of the student could be, and how the family could be involved to assist in the plan.